Brainstorming Ideas in a distances

Skype in


From anywhere, SMART helps you to get

the most effective and easy

to start your Daily Business Activity

SMART kapp iQ®


Where minds meet

Tackle assignments, brainstorm and pass ideas back and forth as you think of them, with colleagues in the same room and across the country.


Half whiteboard, half Ultra HD display


When it's time to brainstorm, grab a digital pen and start writing like you would on any whiteboard. You can share your notes as you go worldwide - and the world can write you back. When you're ready to present, switch inputs with a tap to show all kinds of media in stunning Ultra HD resolution.


Contribute from anywhere

Writing on your kapp iQ with digital pens is as easy as paper. Anyone you invite can see and contribute to everything on the board using their devices.



Ultra HD display

kapp iQ fits all sorts of spaces. Show presentations, videos and anything else you can display on your laptop on your kapp iQ in sharp Ultra HD resolution.

SMART invented technologies exclusive to kapp iQ




Responds to your lightest touch accurately from corner to corner.


Pen ID™


Two people can write in different colours at the same time.


Object awareness™


Fingers select. Pens write. Palms erase. Your kapp iQ knows the difference.

SMART Podium interactive pen display


SMART Podium facing left

Create engaging presentations and dynamic collaboration sessions with the SMART Podium™ 500 series interactive pen display. You can interact with digital content and write over it on SMART Podium, all while displaying that content on a large screen in the same room or from a remote location.

Built for flexibility


The interactive pen display connects to your computer, so you can interact with media-rich content

on a high-definition (HD) widescreen display and project your work onto a large screen or interactive whiteboard so everyone can see. Open presentations, documents, applications, websites and multimedia files, write notes over them in digital ink and save your work for distribution or later reference.

SMART Room System for Skype™ for Business

Do more with Skype

Write over any application


Plug in your laptop and the content you share is now fully interactive. Write over it or zoom, move or drag it with touch gestures within SMART's Unbound Workspace.

A Skype meeting, but so much more


The SMART Room System combines SMART's industry-leading interactive displays with Skype for Business, so that you can write over content, use touch gestures and get more work done during any Skype meeting.

Bridgit® conferencing software


Bridigt iPad app screen

Experience the flexibility to deliver content that engages students and promotes participation. Bridgit conferencing software enables both local and remote students to collaborate on projects, share notes and contribute ideas – it's as if everyone was in the same room.


Instructors can quickly connect students to each other no matter where they are, and to guest lecturers anywhere in the world. Bridgit software is the simple way to share voice, video and data over the Internet.

Boundless opportunities for learning


Instructors can share their lecture notes on their SMART Board® interactive whiteboard or computer with the entire class. Students can work in small groups using computers or personal devices, such as iPads. The SMART Bridgit conferencing software app for iPad allows students to see everything that's being shared – they can even write over the content to highlight information or exchange ideas.

Create strong connections


Bring guest lecturers or experts from anywhere in the world by setting up virtual presentations for your students. They can collaborate with these experts and gain a deeper understanding of a concept or research.

Your campus can also expand professional development and training opportunities by hosting events with faculty from other colleges or universities. Everyone can participate in real time from wherever they are – no travel required.

Simplicity and flexibility come together


It's easy to engage students in a variety of learning environments – from lecture halls to labs – all you need is an Internet connection to set up a session.

Students can work individually, collaborate in small groups in class or connect remotely from miles away.

Instructors can share their desktop screen or SMART Board interactive whiteboard,

in real-time, and everyone will see and interact with the same the applications, documents and websites.

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