Prepare content easily to deliver dynamic learning materials


Imagine if preparing materials for class were less time consuming, or if class content could be created on the fly. The Galaxy Tablet with Soft chalk makes this possible and gives educators back time that could be better spent with students. Comprehensive lessons including various multimedia materials can smoothly interface with the Smart School solution and can be easily uploaded to the cloud. Class presentation, material distribution and management are made easier, and teachers can now focus on creating dynamic, interactive lessons for their students.




Samsung sees the future of education as collaborative and creative, with individual solutions to suit every learning style and teaching approach. Through our partnerships with schools we have been working to address three key areas:


  • Education solutions that enable collaborative, personalised and flexible learning;
  • Efficient solutions for the administration of schools;
  • Access to a rich ecosystem of partner solutions for the education market.

Collabourate effectively to nurture collective learning skills


Teamwork and collaboration are essential to education and that’s why the E-board with

Magic-IWB solution seamlessly blends physical writing with all the benefits of the digital experience, without a PC connection. Built-in multi-touch capabilities promote teacher-student collaboration while built-in software shares content directly to tablets. After class, students can use their Galaxy Tablet with Smart School solution to access group discussions and use Cloud Print with Smart UX to pay and print out class materials and notes securely using their student ID's.


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